Earn Cash and Win Prizes

when you give instant, in-store feedback with the FeedbackClub

Your feedback is valuable. With the FeedbackClub on your phone instantly share customer feedback, suggestions and complaints with retailers, restaurants, hotels and others, to get paid and win prizes. 

Give Instant, In-store Feedback

With the FeedbackClub on your phone you can instantly give your ideas, suggestions and complaints to the owner, not the sales assistant

Get paid for telling it like it is

When a retailer tells us your feedback was useful we add a thank-you payment to your account. Reach $50 and cash out via PayPal.

Win prizes with every feedback

Every time you give feedback you get a chance to share in our $2,000 prize pool.

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Calling all Businesses – Big and Small

Amazing things happen when customers give ‘in-the-moment’ feedback

Built for restaurants, cafes, events, retailers and companies.  

Here’s how can we help

Listen to your customers

Any customer with a smartphone (that’s all of them!) can now share instant, in-store feedback with you.  Get insights on what you’re doing well and what you could be doing better.  Get alerted instantly when there’s a problem so you can stop a small issue becoming a large one.

Imagine a 24/7/365 Mystery Shopper programme that’s ‘always on’.

Get Competitive Intelligence

Our members are shopping with you competitors – get them to tell you what’s going on over there!  Get access to aggregated data on what your competitors are up to, what they’re doing well and areas where they are weak.  Use this unique intelligence to fine-tune your business and give yourself a real competitive edge

Drive Footfall and Increase Sales

Opening a new store?  Launching a new product?  Our members love trying new stuff and giving feedback on their experience.  It’s the FeedbackClub double-whammy – actionable feedback and increased sales!

Get Staff Feedback and Ideas

What your staff are thinking, their ideas and suggestions, are key to growing your business.  Listen to what your staff have to say with the FeedbackClub for Staff

Get Event Feedback

Collect real-time feedback from attendees during and after your event.  Get meaningful feedback on what’s working and what isn’t and how you can do even better.

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